VLC for iOS

From 2013 on I contributed to VLC for iOS. I extended the App to support folders, playlists and wrote the initial Google Drive integration. I adjusted the menu to support RTL languages. Additionally I migrated the build system to use CocoaPods and also worked on the first delivery of VLCKit  as CocoaPod.



From 2014-2015 I was working for Evenly. There I developed different apps like the 3DAround app for our client Dacuda. An App that would take a 3D picture of your food. The App was built using Core Motion, the Alamofire Framework and Core Data and was entirely written in Swift.




From 2012 till 2014 I was developing the flea market app Stuffle. I was working with Collection Views, the AFNetworking framework and the Facebook SDK. Implementing custom UI components and extending the REST-API to exchange additional data.