VLC for iOS 3.2.0 - A whole new Design

We’re so proud to finally present to you VLC 3.2.0 and with it, the work of over a year. We completely overhauled the UI to make VLC more intuitive and easier to use than ever before! I know what you’re thinking right now: “Good UI and VLC? Not Possible!” But we sat down with our Designer Louis Currie and sketched out, how we can address all the pain points that all of you have brought up over the years!

So what has changed?

Hamburger Menu vs Tab Bar

Navigation moved from the old Hamburger menu that was cluttered with items, over to a simple easy to reach Tab Bar at the bottom with just 5 categories: Video, Audio, Playlists, Network, Settings.

Subcategories & Sorting

Within the Audio Section users are able to swipe and with it switch between subcategories like Genre, Artist and Album and songs. And something that many of you wanted for a long long time can also be found,  the possibility to sort by different categories like alphabetical order, size or date added!

Folders become Playlists

The folder feature that was added years ago was everything but intuitive and with only one level of depth not really useful for many. We decided to convert it to what it really was meant to be and that is Playlists. Playlists is an easy way to create a collection of media that can be added to, deleted from or simply reordered.


New Media Library

All of this would’ve not been possible without completely exchanging the underlying Media Library. The years before we used a proprietary Media Library which only worked on iOS but with 3.2 we’re moving to the shared library that is also being used on Android and therefor reducing the amount of work that is needed to maintain two libraries for two platforms. The migration, implementation and adaptation was done by Soomin Lee as part of his GSOC participation.

Let There Be Light

All these years we always featured a dark design and while it is perfect for a movie Application we knew that it might not have been for everyone. This release lets you decide if it should be light or dark mode