VLC for iOS 3.1.4 updated for iPad Pro

The new iPad Pro is a powerhouse of a device and there is no doubt about it!

With its new A12 Bionic processor we at VideoLAN are now able to use up to eight cores to display your videos. Even some of the most performance intensive videos, that were only playable on your laptop, can now be watched with ease via VLC on iPad.

We also adapted the UI for the new form factor and made sure videos look gorgeous with the new aspect ratio format.

External Screen support

In case you need to present your newly created video on a big screen you’ll be happy to know that we also have a solution for that. With the new USB-C port the iPad becomes far more versatile and connecting an external screen is a breeze. Once connected we will detect and present your video on the additional screen so that you can enjoy watching it without worries.


Face ID

The new iPad also brings the convenient Face ID feature to your iPads. VLC also makes use of it in case you want to protect your confidential videos from curious eyes. No typing in a password if you don’t want to.